National Lead Championship 2021 Results


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The National Lead Championship of 2021 was the biggest national championship we ever had. A lot of people also came from Germany, Belgium and France to participate in the Open category. 

The national results are as follows:

Masters Men:

  1. Bour Serge
  2. Braun Tom
  3. Migge Lars

Senior Women:

  1. Bieux Perrine
  2. Kirtz Sandy
  3. Neiertz Cynthia

Senior Men:

  1. Zeimes Jim
  2. Apsner Simon
  3. Hoffman Jay

Junior Women:

  1. Bourscheid Noemie
  2. Weis Jella
  3. Foley Maureen

Junior Men:

  1. Hervé Felix

A Men:

  1. Prinz Leopold
  2. Neuser Laurent
  3. Coronado Alberto

B Women:

  1. Lazzari lia
  2. Elias Alicia
  3. Peyer Lynn

B Men:

  1. Prinz Tybalt
  2. Baulesch Lou
  3. Kuijntjes Hugo

C Women:

  1. Esteves Reis Iris

C Men:

  1. Teyssier Niels

D Women:

  1. Busser Svea
  2. Delli Zotti Lio
  3. Oé Marie

Congratulations to everyone for their performance, we were happy to be able to host this event and to see that you showed up so numerous!


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