Fédération Luxembourgeoise d'Escalade de Randonnée sportive et d'Alpinisme

IFSC Sport Info

Dear National Federation,

As we do it for several years now, please find attached to this letter several information regarding the 2015 and 2016 season of

events. You may remember that December is the date of the IFSC Sport Department meeting during which the different event

regulations are reviewed.

2014 was a tremendous year, which saw 3 successful World Championships and Climbing at the Youth Olympic Games. In 2015 the

highlight will be the World Youth Championships in Arco (ITA). This event will, for the first time, gather all three disciplines, which

means a particular schedule. In this regards, and in order to prepare your trip there, you’ll find attached below some basic

information about the event.

Besides this, you’ll find some information about the following topics:

> Events:

— 2015 Calendar last version, including a World Cup in Korea.

— The information regarding the application period for the 2016 season of World Cups.

— The Event Organizer Meeting report.

> Officials:

— The provisional nomination of Officials for the 2015 events,

— Date & place of the IFSC Officials’ seminar 2015.

— New IFSC lists of Officials.

> Rules

— The new IFSC Anti-Doping rules, to be enforced on January the 1st 2015.

— IFSC Rules 2015 publication.

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